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    A little about me:

    I'm a massive creeper and I don't say that like it's a bad thing either - I shall creep straight into your heart! There’s big love for me all over the houseplant world. I’m extremely decorative and ready to be draped along, up and over anything you can think of. And I’m pretty low-touch in the maintenance department too.
    But sleep with one eye open because I’m the kind of cheeky devil that grows so quickly that I'll be out the door before you know it.

    What makes me happy:

    • Just a light water each week if you don't mind. I’ve earned my name because I’m almost impossible to kill. A devil to get rid of...
    • I’m pretty unstoppable in most light conditions but like most plants - more light = more growth.
    • I like it humid so put me in the bathroom or kitchen and boom - watch me go, baby!
    • Easy too prune. Just snip off any ugly bits.

    Why you're taking me home:

    • I’m a great little gift that keeps giving, and giving and giving. And giving…
    • Air purifying is my jam.
    • Pin me along the wall for instant Instagram fame.
    • Let’s face it - I have a cool name.