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Hi, I’m Dee the Founder of the Indoor Plant Shed. We all need more plants in our lives! It’s really that simple.
Whilst working from home during the pandemic, I realised that we should be thinking of our living spaces like we do our work spaces. Filling them with the best quality indoor plants we can.
Not just because it makes us happy that our rooms are nicer to be in, but because more plants means better, cleaner air quality too.
Nowadays with more and more people working remotely we have to change how we view our homes. Simply because they are now multi-purpose.
And that’s why I’ve started the Indoor Plant Shed. Here you’ll find the biggest, the best, the greenest and the lushest indoor plants going around... and all for less prices!

Our Purpose

We exist to make every Australian a little happier by filling their home with the biggest and lushest indoor plants - making their homes look better while also cleaning the air of these living and working spaces.