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    A little about me:

    Straight from the rainforest floors of Brazil - here I come to strut my stuff as the prettiest plant in your collection. Also known as a Prayer Plant, I’m famous for my distinctive peacock tail feather inspired patterns on my leaves. I won't lie - I’m not for the beginner plant-parent. I have a list of demands - here goes:  a little wet heat in the air (misted distilled water only), nicely filtered sunlight and moisture-holding soil.

     What makes me happy:

    • I don't like cold, dry air. Or too much change in temp. I’m a rainforest plant - take me into the shower where I like it.
    • More water in the summer is my preference - but be careful not to water-log my roots or I’ll bite ya (actually I go yellow and refuse to talk to you)
    • Filtered light for me. Use the curtain to shade me from direct sun. Alternatively just somewhere nice and bright where I can see the world go by. 

    Why you're taking me home:

    • Fine around your fur babies.
    • You know your way around tricky plants. I’m not for amateurs. 
    • No block colours - you love a pattern.