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Fiddle Leaf Fig

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    A little about me:

    Interior designer, Instagrammers, bloggers, TV reno shows - all massive fans of mine and it's not hard to see why! There are few plants that are as lush, bold and show stopping as moi! In fact some would say I am the most popular houseplant on the planet. Hailing from the jungles of Africa, I’m happy in any and every home that tends to my needs - light, leaf-stroking, and admiring comments.
    I’m an A-lister - so treat me like one! And baby, watch me grow!

    What makes me happy:

    • I like my light - bright. Not too dark, not too sunny. But give me a good amount!
    • Everything in moderation and that includes my drinking habits - I like a really big water and then completely dry me out is A-OK between waterings!
    • My gloriously huge leaves just love a misting and they’ll keep me looking good too.
    • Stroke my leaves please. Keep me dust-free or you’ll feel wrath!

    Why you're taking me home:

    • I’m a stunner  - there’s no other way around it.
    • You like a project and I am that project. Treat me right and I’ll do spectacular things.
    • I add instant cool to any space you put me in.