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Fiddle Leaf Fig Bambino

  • Product Info

    A little about me:

    Well they say big things come in small packages! Hi, I am big fiddles - little side-kick. I’m the perfect fiddle to satisfy that fiddle-fetish if you don't have a soaring 5m high ceiling. Just like my big friend, I have the green glossy leaves for that designer urban jungle vibe you’re after, but my signature fiddle shaped leaves come in a mini oh so cute version. 

    What makes me happy:

    • I like my light - bright. Not too dark, not too sunny. But give me a good amount!
    • Everything in moderation and that includes my drinking habits - I like a really big water and then completely dry me out is A-OK between waterings!
    • My glorious fiddle shaped leaves just love a misting and they’ll keep me looking good too.
    • Stroke my leaves please. Keep me dust-free or you’ll feel wrath!

    Why you're taking me home:

    • You love a fiddle that won't grow like Kong!
    • I’m a stunner  - there’s no other way around it.
    • I add instant cool to any space you put me in.