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Bird of Paradise

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    A little about me:

    Long elegant neck, striking good looks - I am the glamazon of the indoor plant world. I’m originally from Africa which means I love a bit of sun and I’ll be happy near a window - perfect place for you to show me off. I can turn into a big bird before you know it so a little space would be nice too.

    What makes me happy:

    • Light, baby, light. I love to warmth against my leaves but don't roast me in direct sunlight.
    • Light watering is fine - check my soil regularly for dryness. And a misting of my leaves will make us BFFs.
    • I really adore humidity so if i was to live life in the bathroom - great. If not - just a warm spot...but not over the ducted heating.

    Why you're taking me home:

    • My stunning beak is next-level.
    • You like a pop of colour amongst your green.
    • I’m a great gift and pretty low maintenance.