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    A little about me:

    Looking for zee easiest, zee greenest, zee most indestructible, zee most stress-free? Well you’ve come to zee right place. I am zee plant you can't kill (OK that is not a throw-down challenge) - the Zanzibar, also known by my cute nickname - ZZ plant. I’m perfectly happy sitting in your office watching you bash away on your computer all day, or in a corner at home next to a pile of washing that never gets put away. I’m a no-mess, no fuss plant. Just don't use any complicated leaf shine on my leaves - just a wet cloth will do the trick.

    What makes me happy:

    • Gimme drinks when my soil has dried out. Whatever you do - do not overwater me.
    • Bright indirect or low light  - just not full-sun light.
    • You doing not much and not fretting about me makes me happy.

    Why you're taking me home:

    • I’m the perfect office plant - where everyone defers responsibility for my care.
    • Perfect for plant parents starting out.
    • I’m ok in a place with not-so-great light.