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Rubber Plant Audrey

  • Product Info

    A little about me:

    Wringing your hands over whether to pick a Fiddle Leaf Fig or a Rubber Plant? Then meet me! I’m the best of both worlds. My leaves are not what you’d expect from a traditional rubber plant. And I’m not a moody you-know-what like a fiddle. You can grow me either straight as a pole (like Fiddle) or shape me like a runner. The next big thing. You heard it here first!

    What makes me happy:

    • Light and bright but not too much direct sun so don't put me in the window where I’m going to sizzle.
    • Not a massive drinker. Just do the finger test on my top few layers and if it’s dry then top me up. Don't go overboard though.
    • To keep me looking and breathing my best, please give my leaves a bit of a gentle stroke every so often so I don't get dusty. Can't say I don't love mist either so hit up with a sprinkle every so often.

    Why you're taking me home:

    • I’m a classic. 
    • Instant designer look to your home.
    • The ultimate housewarming gift.
    • I already have a name!