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    A little about me:

    Don't read too much into my name. I’m not here to make you sad. I’m not a gloomy tiny tree. Quite the opposite. Weeping figs are fun to have around, easy to care for and won't grow too crazy-big (unless you put me in the ground and then - woah watch me grow). Cleaning the air in your space is another one of my specialities. But don't wait around for figs to appear - you’ll go hungry. I’m not a fruit-shop.

    What makes me happy:

    • Pop me some bright and light.
    • I like my soil moist but let me drain. Sitting in my own water will make my roots rot. Not ideal.
    • I’m from the tropics so I like humidity. Not a great idea to put me where there are cool drafts or air conditioning.

    Why you're taking me home:

    • There’s a space on the floor in your house with my name on it.
    • I look like a mini tree - how cool!
    • I’m great around the office.