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Devils Ivy Snow Queen

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    A little about me:

    So you know Devil’s Ivy? Yeah, well I’m her cooler, better-looking sister. As my name suggests, I am a variation of the Devil’s Ivy however I have been blessed in the looks department with stunning white marbling on my leaves. I’m extremely decorative and ready to be draped along, up and over anything you can think of. And I’m pretty low-touch in the maintenance department too.

    What makes me happy:

    • Just a light water each week if you don't mind. I’ve earned my name because I’m almost impossible to kill. A devil to get rid of...
    • I’m pretty unstoppable in most light conditions but like most plants - more light = more growth.
    • I like it humid so put me in the bathroom or kitchen and boom - watch me go, baby!
    • Easy too prune. Just snip off any ugly bits.

    Why you're taking me home:

    • I’m a great little gift that keeps giving, and giving and giving. And giving…
    • Air purifying is my jam.
    • Pin me along the wall for instant Instagram fame.
    • I’m so damn good-looking.