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Devils Ivy Marble Queen

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    A little about me:

    You will lose your marbles for me! With stunning heart-shaped leaves of green, white and yellow marbling, I’m extremely decorative and ready to be draped along, up and over anything you can think of. And I’m pretty low-touch in the maintenance department too, making me perfect for beginners.

    What makes me happy:

    • Just a light water each week if you don't mind. I’ve earned my name because I’m almost impossible to kill. A devil to get rid of...
    • I’m pretty unstoppable in most light conditions but like most plants - more light = more growth.
    • I like it humid so put me in the bathroom or kitchen and boom - watch me go, baby!
    • Easy too prune. Just snip off any ugly bits.

    Why you're taking me home:

    • I’m a great little gift that keeps giving, and giving and giving. And giving…
    • Air purifying is my jam.
    • Pin me along the wall for instant Instagram fame.
    • Let’s face it - I have a cool name.